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Email of Support from David Coon, Leader, Green Party

Dear Ms. Prendergast:

It is very simple from my perspective.  The government must honour their obligations to their pensioners.  I will advocate this.

David Coon Leader, Green Party of New Brunswick

Kudos Phyllis - From Mary Ann Carr

Kudos Phyllis, your words were perfect timing and set the tone for the whole evening as well to Bonny Hoyt-Hallett who gave a wonderful finish.  We all should be so proud of this group that is working so hard to help us save our future pension.  It was a wonderful turnout and beyond expectations, so the message is getting to all pensioners.  GREAT JOB PENSION COALITION.


Mary Ann

Thanks Phyllis - From Claire Brennan

Hi Phyllis, I missed an opportunity while leaving the building last night I simply said hello and missed an opportunity to personally say thank you  for all your hard work – so let me say it now............great job – thank you so much for taking this bull by the horns – we have a lot to do, but what a great start......................................thanks again for all you do.