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Comment from Debbie Faulkner - retiree NB Power

Thank you for your response Clifford. This weekend I have spent my spare time going through many of the items posted by the team and more of us need to do this to become better informed and may I say “angrier”. 

Having worked for NB Power for 32 years and reading so many false comments in the paper about the company and only seeing a response to correct the incorrect information when David Hay was at the helm, well  let’s just say reading these false “quotes” from the government or government representatives brought back memories and feelings.  

Please know that I think you and your team have done an excellent job with the website and so many updates on Facebook along with the regional meetings and communications.   I am personally worried, not only for myself (accepted early retirement July 2010 at the age of 51) but for my mother who now receives half of my father’s pension.  
Keep up the great job and although I work part-time, (unfortunately was scheduled to work the day of your meeting in Quispamsis and Moncton but did watch the whole video on-line)  if any of your team need assistance just let me know. 
Debbie Faulkner Quispamsis