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Commentary from Jenny Bruce - Retiree

As a former employee of the province with service of 25 years, I feel qualified to express my complete disgust with the way this government chooses to treat its retirees. For all my working years I witnessed members of the higher echelon trying to convince me that there were new and different ways to do things that would benefit me and my fellow employees.

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Pensions: Who can retirees trust? - D. Wiezel

David Wiezel Commentary  16 Apr 2013 06:03PM

(Note: This Commentary appeared in the Telegraph Journal)

Had the New Brunswick government opened the approach to pension reform with the “pay it forward” approach advocated in Mike Wong’s “Pensions: When Is A Deal Not A Deal” (April 13) column in Saturday’s Telegraph-Journal, it might be on a better public relations footing with retirees today.

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A deal is a deal is a deal ... or is it? Commentary - R. Blaquiere

By Richard Blaquiere, Through These Eyes 15 Apr 2013 01:40PM

(Note: This piece appeared in the Woodstock Bugle newspaper)

I’m no good with numbers and graphs and the like. If there is such a thing as numerophobia (and apparently there is), I’d be the poster boy for awareness campaigns.

Lately, however, I have been receiving emails about plans by the Alward government to tamper with my pension benefits and there is nothing better for easing the discomfort of our phobias than to confront them head-on; thus began my self-directed pension plan tutorial and, frankly, I am concerned.  (Click Here for full Commentary)


05 APR 2013 02:51PM

Re: Pension changes

Just before the last election, this newspaper published a letter from me stating “Let’s give David Alward a chance and see what he can do.”

This was after he visited the seniors’ building where I live and told us he would do everything in his power to help seniors.

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Tapestry of Despair - M. Lavigne

(Note: this letter to the editor was written by Maurice Lavigne)

Tapestry of Despair

The Alward government has woven a tapestry of despair as a lead in to the introduction of radical changes to the retirees pension contract. If you believe the spin, New Brunswickers are in for dire consequences if nothing is done to get the deficit under control. We all agree the deficit should be reigned in but at what cost?

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