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Not lining up to thank Ms. Rowland


Telegraph and Journal 04/01/2013, Page A06

How very strange that, according to Susan Rowland, "The vast majority of pensioners are just fine with the changes we are proposing."Really? And, "When I address groups of retirees, they come up after and thank me."(Retired pensioners fight reform,"March 23.) Really?

Do they say,"Thanks for cutting my pension. I just love that!"?

This conjures up visions of seniors lined up in the aisles and out the door giving thanks and praise. I can't quite envision it myself.

But then, as Ms. Rowland says, "They don't write in, they don't complain."Really? It seems to me this sort of problem should have involved consultation with the people affected - before the fact, not after.

Grandfathering in the retirees seems more fair than just taking away what was contractually promised.

Just so you know, I don't have any personal stake in this. Our pension is at the whim of the markets. That's what we agreed to and what we base financial planning on, come bull or bear.

I strongly believe agreements need to be honoured. If changes must occur, then discussion and agreement should take place before, not after, those changes.

Can you imagine if a financial adviser decided to sell your investments and reduce your income without prior discussion and agreement?

I may be wrong, but it seems to me the pension change decision is similar to that. I know you can't get blood out of stone. So, try squeezing those"honourable"politicians.