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Destruction of my life - Jim Nyers, PTech

Destruction of my life,

I am recently retired from NB Power.

I have worked for 32.5 years and have lived pay check to pay check with my wife of 36 years who has MS (only diagnosed in 2008) and raised 3 children. I have fought my whole life to get to where I am today. I was married with one son and I went back to school living on $2800 a year for 2 years, plus worked in the summer. There was a time when there was no food in the house and we lived on a can of soup for 2 days because welfare wouldn’t even lend me money so my son could eat. The church rescued us on the 3rd day and since then I have been contributing a substantial amount to the church. I am a Professional Technologist and have volunteered in many things. I was the President for the New Brunswick Society of Certified Technicians and Technologists. I was the Director of the Canadian Council of Certified Technicians and Technologist for New Brunswick. I also ran as a councillor for the town of Quispamsis. I have calculated for a whole year what it would cost to retire so I can enjoy the time I have left with my wife who has MS. I took a penalty by leaving early, and I am also penalized because I could have worked to 60 years of age with a better pension. I thought that with all the sacrifices that I have made, as well as my family, that I could now relax and enjoy the time left that I have with my wife. BUT NO. I have to fight another battle which I believe the government will do whatever it wants to do and ruin my life as well as others in my same position.


Jim Nyers, PTech

Debby Bowie Frost I feel so bad for you Jim and am sure there are many others. My son having cancer is what precipitated my retirement. Karen Madore Parent The sad thing is we paid for this retirement! A contract was signed and it should be respected!

Alonzo Leger When I am at the Public Pensioners Sessions . I always have my heart out for the 10,000 seniors that are too frail to attend, and some too frail to understand what is being done by the Alwards, the Higgs ,and the Blais for their concept of the Public Good and Social Equity. I have in the last weeks visited some of these seniors and they are indeed defenseless against the media spins and public bullying by the current government , and the overwhelming silence of the unions, the media , the opposition parties ,and in some cases the children we have raised and nurtured . It is indeed bullying of the elders in our province, breaking of fidicuary trust and the perverting of legal precedents and natural justice . Bullying is Bullying. In this case it is the senior citizens who are bullied and scapegoated, in our province ,and soon in our country . Stand up for your Rights !

Bob Murdie the only good thing is this is the alward gov. onlt term in office they will pay for our suffering with their demise

Anne Michaud I am very touched by your story!!!

Kathryn Guravich Perhaps we should be trying to get some of these stories out - speak for those who can't.

MikeDeb Faulkner Jim - I am so sorry for what you and your wife are , and have been going through. I also had over 32 years of service and took a 4 year early retirement package in 2010. I had been working 12-14 hour days plus driving from Quispamsis to Head Office for 12 years and along with being exhausted I had been ignoring everything else around me. When I realized that 3 people on my team, who often helped me with my many roles, were over 55 and leaving I decided it was time for me to give back to my family and try to get work locally at least until I turned 55 in 2014. My father was also failing due to kidney disease and there were so many things I had promised him I would do around their home and like everything else took a back seat. I am so grateful for the time I did have with my dad but did not expect to loose him within 6 months of my retirement . It has been a difficult 3 years with only a part-time job at Sobeys especially when your children finish university and are now both working in Calgary. I read the human rights act and knowing we are not getting heard by MLA's or the Premier I truly feel (even though it is still government) that we have a justified complaint that should go through the human rights commission. At the very least the complaint would need to be addressed, as writing to our MLA is and will not change anything. I feel like I kept my part of the bargain and their offer for my early retirement has or will be broken, I will not drop this..........

Liz Abraham Jim, I am so sorry to hear about your situation but please do not lose hope. What the Alward government is doing is morally and ethically wrong and fundamentally undemocratic. There are now over 2,000 members of the Pension Coalition and I trust many, like me, will not back away from this battle until it is won and our pensions are left alone. It is depressing at times, for sure. I sat in the visitors' gallery at the Legislature on Tuesday and was so depressed after watching the PC's clapping and effectively patting themselves on the back over this pension reform. But today is another day and we all need to do what we effort is to small. I keep telling myself that I have to be like Ellen Gegeneris's character Dory in Finding Nemo: just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....... Phyllis Lawson Prendergast Thank you all for sharing your personal challenges...hearing this makes me all the more determined to stick this out to the bitter end...we will continue to support each other and as Liz says....just keep swimming.