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Commentary from Jenny Bruce - Retiree

As a former employee of the province with service of 25 years, I feel qualified to express my complete disgust with the way this government chooses to treat its retirees. For all my working years I witnessed members of the higher echelon trying to convince me that there were new and different ways to do things that would benefit me and my fellow employees.

It was laughable then and exasperating now.  I've always accepted the following: a contract is a legal document - don't pass amendments to break it:

- I live in a democracy - don't ignore my rights

- I vote - don't underestimate the power of my voice

- I planned my future on a legal, binding contract - don't threaten me with deductions

- I may be old (according to you), but I'm not dead - see me fight for my rights

I support the Coalition and asking that this government fully respect the contract that we signed in good faith and let all retirees enjoy what's left of their fruitful and dedicated lives.


Jenny Bruce