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Great letter to Premier Alward from Norman Laverty (Check the details)

Honourable David Alward
Government of New Brunswick

April 9, 2013

Mr. Premier:

I am writing you as a friend of the New Brunswick government, legislature and people, and as a former Superintendent of Pensions for New Brunswick.  The overall task of governing is to bring coherence to the society.  This is true for all political philosophies. 

Activities by your government recently concerning contracts and trusts seem to threaten coherence in New Brunswick society.  I am speaking of the contracts with Enbridge and with former public servants with whom early retirement was contracted.  I am speaking also of the major pension plans for which either the crown or a minister of the crown is the trustee (namely the PSSA and the TPA).  Contracts are to be respected or mutually renegotiated.  In pension plans, the first duty of a trustee is to the beneficiaries, as in any other trust.

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