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Most Recent Update - series of letters for your attention

The Steering Committee is meeting next week to discuss next steps.  We will be back to you within the next 2 weeks.
Following is a series of emails from Premier Gallant and Bonny Hoyt-Hallett
Email received from Premier Gallant dated May 11, 2015

Dear Bonny:

Thank you for the correspondence on behalf of the NB Pension Coalition. It is our understanding that the Coalition leadership may have been hoping for more in the pension enhancements proposed by Cabinet. It is our hope, however, that Coalition members will recognize that the proposal does represent improvements in the two specific areas of concern identified by the NB Pension Coalition; namely, the protection of base benefits and enhanced protection for indexing.

As you can appreciate, government is attempting to balance the desire to provide enhancements with the need to respect the fiscal framework and limit risk exposure. We believe the proposal brought forward achieves this balance.

We are pleased that we were able to honour our campaign commitment to provide the Coalition leadership with additional financial information and engage Coalition representatives in a constructive dialogue.

It is my understanding that counsel for the province will be engaging with counsel for the Coalition to address several issues raised by the latter including the upcoming May 14th, 2015 deadline.

Yours truly,
Brian Gallant
Premier / Premier minister
Email reply from Bonny Hoyt-Hallett to Premier Gallant dated May 11, 2015
Given that a meeting does not seem to be possible, could you please confirm the exact nature of the proposal, together with start dates for each proposal, as there appears to be confusion given some media coverage.

As well, we have not, as the coalition leadership, received anything official on the nature of the proposal and this would help greatly to answer any questions from our members. We are cognizant that the base was protected by legislation by the previous government but need clarity on the current government's suggested improvements.

As well, I would like clarity as to the government's intent to communicate information to pensioners on this matter.

Your response would be appreciated.

Bonny Hoyt-Hallett, Chair
Pension Coalition NB