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Letter to Premier Gallant April 30 2015

Premier Brian Gallant
P.O. Box 6000
Fredericton NB  E3B 5H1

Dear Premier Gallant:

I am writing on behalf of Pension Coalition NB to request a meeting with you personally to advance the resolution of the shared risk litigation file.

As you may have been advised by your officials, the Coalition has voiced disappointment in what we understand is the pension reform proposal approved by Cabinet. Although details of the proposal are somewhat confusing, we do not feel that it sufficiently addresses the needs of our members for security and predictability of the retirement income that they have earned in the Province's employ. We are seeking a meeting to obtain clarity on the specifics of the proposal.

As well, it appears that there has been no means identified whereby the terms of an acceptable proposal could be secured against withdrawal or change by a current or future Cabinet. We have asked that lawyers involved seek a meeting to resolve this issue.

Please accept my assurance that we are not seeking confrontation, but rather a win - win situation in this matter.

We are cognizant of the May 14th deadline on our ligation file and request an early meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you and a meeting set in the near future.

Yours truly,

Bonny Hoyt-Hallett, Chair
Pension Coalition NB