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The MINIMUM impact of new Shared Risk Model - Important!

(Translated version to come soon ...)

For a pensioner receiving $21,000 it will mean losing $41,286 over a 25 year retirement period. This is based on what the government is telling us on their website and using a 2% cost of living index. If inflation is higher than 2% we will lose more. And our risk is even higher if we do not receive any cost of living and/or our base pension is decreased.

You can estimate the MINIMUM impact on your pension by simply estimating what your pension is relative to $21,000. For example, if you are a widow receiving a pension of $10,500 you will be losing $20,643. If your pension is $42,000 you will be losing $82,572.
The Pension Coalition has forwarded this information to all retirees affected by the impending changes that this Government – the Alward Government – plans on legislating.  This information has also been distributed to the Premier and Opposition parties in this Province.
This is the reason we can not allow this Government  - the Alward Government - to proceed with changes to our Pension.
Is a Contract not a Contract with the Alward Government?
Bill Ayer, Chair
Pension Coalition NB