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Blame politicians, not provincial employees - Ralph McBride, Quispamsis

Letters to the Editor - Daily Gleaner July 25 2013

I find it discouraging to continuously read editorials in the Telegraph-Journal about how the public sector employees have lead to the demise of the provincial finances.

Public sector employees did not create this mess and it's time the right-winger's realize that and quit sending out this propaganda.

These employees are the providers to a wide base of New Brunswick citizens who need these important services. They are your health-care providers, educators, municipal workers, Department of Transportation workers and social workers to name a few, and are all not for profit services.

Perhaps, we should look at the for-profit companies looking after our four-lane highways and ask them to share the pain as well (they take millions a year from the provincial coffers).

That cannot happen, because we have guaranteed their incomes or profits for the next 10 to 30 years.

Maybe it's time we see a headline that says 'It is time to renegotiate our P3 contracts with the highway companies because of our economic situation.' That is not going to happen because this is Canada and profit is king. They should share in the pain as well.

The next time a public sector employee is on your radar, realize they are N.B. taxpayers. They have chosen to earn a living in this province, spend those earnings living here and are trying to help grow the N.B. economy. Public sector services and the employees are not the issue here.

It is time to point the finger at the elected members of this province, regardless of political colour, and tell them to quit the pass the-buck attitude, get together and find a new economic engine to drive this province forward.

Privatizing public services does nothing more than line the pockets of some corporate entity with more taxpaying dollars from the citizens of New Brunswick.

Public sector employees keep public services affordable to you the citizen.

Ralph McBride Quispamsis, N.B.