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Pension Coalition's presence at the Legislature during Question

Here are the arrival times for each day (QP will begin ½ hour later).
Tuesday, May 7th – 12:30 pm
Wednesday, May 8th – 9:30 am
Thursday, May 9th – 12:30 pm
Friday, May 10th  – 8:30 am

Here are a few instructions and things you should know:  

• It is suggested you sit together facing Government in front 2 rows middle – that way we are always in the same spot -  check with Commissionaires
• You will be introduced by Liberals as guests and members of the Coalition.  You can all get up as a group when introduced or if you are introduced individually, quickly rise and then be seated.
• Recommended dress code is semi-casual attire
• There will be a few teachers there as well.