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Letter to Premier Alward from Don Shea

Hon. David Alward, Premier
Via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dear Mr. Premier:
Of late, I have heard, and read, of possible changes forthcoming to those pensions currently enjoyed by retirees who have served this Province in years previous. As a retired teacher I must add my voice to the many who have objected in the strongest possible terms to your government’s intention to manipulate the terms of a pension that I have, and continue to, view as a binding contract.

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Email from Coalition to all MLA's and Political Leaders today

It is interesting that the Government as an employer is considering breaking its contract with thousands of seniors earning an average of $21,000 yearly who were once their employees. Will the Government be breaking more contracts? Take for instance the contracts the Government has with MRDC, Brunway and Dexters to operate and maintain the Fredericton to Moncton, Fredericton to Quebec border and St. Stephen to Sussex highways. The Government web site states the annual budget for these contracts is over $60 million per year. And it is interesting these multi year contracts contain clauses that gives these contractors an annual inflation (CPI) adjustment. These adjustments would undoubtedly go toward all their costs including wages and employees benefits.

This raises a few questions:

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Dear Minister/MLA M. Danny Soucy , député de Grand Sault , Drummond et St-André , M. Blaine Higgs , Minister of Finances , M. David Alward Prime Minister of N.B

(Translation at the bottom)

Je vous addresse cette belle lettre redigé , seulement en englais , pour vous exprimer mes inquiétudes concernant les rencontres partout en Province concernant nos pensions gouvernementaux  . J'espère que vous allez , nous ficher la paix . Tout augmente dans la Province , et vous allez nous coûper nos pensions . Je ne pense pas . On n'a travaillé pendant plusieurs années pour avoir droit à cette pension et vous allez nous pénalisé . Voulez vous nous sortir de nos maisons et nous envoyer dans des maisons pour personnes agé à vos frais .

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