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Barry Jones Letter to the Premier

Mr. Premier:

You should have been there last night; it was a sight to behold!  Somewhere upwards of 2000 former civil servants fighting for their rights, amid tears and outrage directed at an embattled Minister of Finance. 

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(Great ) Letter to Premier Alward from Jean-Louis Bouchard

(English version below)

Honorable David Alward,

Objet: Les  régimes des retraités de la province du NB

Suite à une session d’information tenue à Edmundston le 4 avril dernier par la Coalition touchant les régimes des retraités du Nouveau-Brunswick,  je suis resté estomaqué et déçu de l’intention de votre gouvernement de modifier les régimes de retraités. 

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Letter to MLA Troy Lifford from Retirees Carol and Gary McKinley

Hello Troy,
We had occasion to view the Question Period in the Legislature yesterday and were disappointed with the responses to the questions asked by the Opposition concerning Pensions; moving from PSSA to SRPP. 

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Great letter to MLA Craig Leonard from Norm Laverty

Honourable Craig Leonard
MLA   Fredericton-Lincoln

Dear Mr. Leonard,

Please find enclosed a copy of a letter to the Premier, which I as a former Superintendant of Pensions, regarding the government’s dishonouring contracts and pension trusts.

I am writing you, however, as my MLA.

My personal situation is that I was offered early retirement, (because the former Premier thought there were too many old looking people in government).

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Letter to Premier Alward from Don Madore ...

Hello Mr. Kennedy;
First of all let me say a huge thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of the retirees of this province. This initiative is gaining steam across the province and I have been in contact with people from all parts of the province. I can tell you they are looking forward to you and your team heading to Bathurst next week. I have taken the time to forward letters to some of the local MLA’s in the Moncton area, and I did get a response from one on the government side who is sympathetic to our cause.

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