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Letter to Premier Alward from Kim Hill

Mr Alward:

I listened to your interview with Terry Seguin on CBC this morning. You made several points during the interview, on which I would like to comment. I could not help but draw on similarities to the way retirees have been treated by your government.

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Letter to Premier Alward from Susan Currie

Dear Mr. Alward

This morning on the CBC you indicated that you and the other Atlantic premiers were asking the Prime Minister to hold off on their proposed changes to EI as they had not properly consulted the provinces and had not done the research to study the impact of the changes on both individuals and the broader economy.

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Letter to The Editor - to Premier David Alward and several MLAs.

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with your government’s proposed changes to the teacher’s pension plan, which I paid into for 33 years with the expectation that my employer, the government, would honour the terms and conditions set out in that plan.

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Letter to Moncton area MLA's from Don Madore

April 29, 2013

Hon. Marie-Claude Blais, MLA Moncton North Hon. Bruce Fitch, MLA Riverview Hon. Sue Stultz, MLA Moncton West John Betts, MLA Moncton Crescent Sherry Wilson, MLA Petitcodiac Wayne Steeves, MLA Albert

I would like to thank all of you for taking the time from your schedules in order to meet with members of the pension coalition this morning in Moncton at the constituency office of Minister Blais. I am sure that we could have spent much more time presenting our concerns and having some fruitful discussions on this pension issue however since time did not allow I would like to take this opportunity to reinforce what our message was to the group and also to cover some points that we did not have time to present.  (Click Here for Full Letter)

Letter to Premier Alward from Lorette Peters

Premier Alward;

It is with interest that I read and listen to all the government's feedback on the Shared Risk Pension Reform. We retirees feel we have been let down with this proposal. All of our "future" planning was done with the promise of a pension in our future.  

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