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Letter to MLA Troy Lifford from Retirees Carol and Gary McKinley

Hello Troy,
We had occasion to view the Question Period in the Legislature yesterday and were disappointed with the responses to the questions asked by the Opposition concerning Pensions; moving from PSSA to SRPP. 

As we speak with current government employees and existing retirees, it is obvious the mood has switched from disbelief to anger at what you folks are contemplating and it is province wide. That Government could establish the pension rules, determine the contributory rates, define the pension benefits under PSSA and then decide to change the rules for those retirees who honored their employment obligation, is just not right and probably not legal.
Many people who viewed the Question Period on April 11 commented that the responses were outright lies; we prefer to characterize the responses as misleading and evasive at best. We seem to recall that;

The successful bargaining units who accepted the SRPP were not units already under PSSA.

In the Ontario case, existing retirees were grandfathered in addition to other significant differences from what is proposed by our Government.
We are not going to comment on the deception through media publication and responses except to say the general public knows it for what it is. Government is looking to get out from under its Governance and Guarantor obligation and is laying the groundwork to replenish Fund shortages on the backs of existing retirees and current employees whose pension benefits are defined under PSSA. We repeat; this is just not right!
Troy, we understand representing party lines but when something is as wrong as this is for existing retirees, who have no way to prepare for the impact of reduced pensions through eliminated CPI adjustment or worse still reduced basic benefits, then individual MLA’s need to stand up and be counted upon to do the right thing. As you know, all of this has a ripple effect on spouses, many of whom have spent years in the volunteer service of their communities and by extension performing unpaid service to their Government.
We will continue to follow this issue and hope Government will deal properly with all groups of pensioners; new employees, existing employees and existing retirees.

Thank you,

Carol & Gary McKinley