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Letter to Premier Alward from Don Madore ...

Hello Mr. Kennedy;
First of all let me say a huge thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of the retirees of this province. This initiative is gaining steam across the province and I have been in contact with people from all parts of the province. I can tell you they are looking forward to you and your team heading to Bathurst next week. I have taken the time to forward letters to some of the local MLA’s in the Moncton area, and I did get a response from one on the government side who is sympathetic to our cause.

I have also written to Premier Alward today (click here to see Don's letter). The letter to him also included a couple of attachments that I did not include with this e-mail. I do not believe that I said anything in the letter that was not factual or correct and if so please let me know. I am hoping that I am going to get a response from the Premier, but then again maybe I am being too optimistic. We will see.
Thanks again for leading the charge!

Don Madore