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Letter to Premier Alward from Don Shea

Hon. David Alward, Premier
Via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dear Mr. Premier:
Of late, I have heard, and read, of possible changes forthcoming to those pensions currently enjoyed by retirees who have served this Province in years previous. As a retired teacher I must add my voice to the many who have objected in the strongest possible terms to your government’s intention to manipulate the terms of a pension that I have, and continue to, view as a binding contract.

With a defined befit plan I chose to retire based on the understanding I would receive a monthly pension calculated using my pensionable service and the average of my five highest consecutive years of salary.
For your government to alter my pension (in anyway whatsoever) is, in my opinion, analogous to breaking the terms of a binding contract. The term “binding” denotes, in this retired teacher’s opinion, an agreement that cannot be broken or violated by either party.
Government contracts with teachers constituted an agreement between two specific parties. Retired teachers have fulfilled their obligations under the various agreements signed on their behalf over the years. I expect your government to honor the same.