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Reforms unfair to pensioners - Leonide Richard, Ste-Marie-de-Kent

Nov 14  Moncton Times and Transcript E-Edition Article

To The Editor : The following is an open letter to Finance Minister Blaine Higgs.

I received your letter on Nov. 4, about the change you made to reform my pension.

I must say that I'm quite disappointed in you making a commitment that the government will guarantee that my pension will never be lower than what it is today. How would you like to try to live on the same amount of income as today in 20 years from now? It's not acceptable.

A guarantee from your government is worthless. Look at our contract that you are now changing the laws so that you can break it. Get it in your head that people do not trust your government after all the broken promises, and now breaking a legal contract.

Leonide Richard, Ste-Marie-de-Kent