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Letter to MLA Brian MacDonald from Margaret Smith

Hi Brian:
First of all, thank you very much for having Mark Gaudet contact me as a follow-up to our meeting.  He provided an interesting perspective and I appreciated his time.  As requested, I am now updating you on my views.

I have to tell you that I am today even more of the view that what this government is doing is wrong.  Our information shows that the plan is not in crisis and we believe that MLAs are being fed a line just so that the pension fund can be expropriated without compensation. Existing retirees must be exempted from this new model.  Also, the Province must continue as guarantor and NBIMC must continue to manage the pension fund – and not just for a “specific period of time”, after which it goes off down the road to Toronto. 
I found it ironic in QP this morning that the Premier was so outraged that the federal government (on the EI issue) “had not done its homework” and “did not provide any information” to quote his words.  Does this government hold itself to a different standard then?  The Coalition has requested all kinds of information and received none.  All the plan promoters want to do is to convince us of the error of our ways.  What is particularly sad is that if this government had come to us a year ago and given us full disclosure on the plan and the assumptions being used, we would in all likelihood have been willing to sit down and discuss options.  Now, however, there is no trust left. 
Obviously, with its current large majority, the vote in the House on new legislation will go through.  However, I sincerely hope that you, and other MLA’s with a conscience, will not vote in favour.
Margaret Smith