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Letter to Premier Alward from Kim Hill

Mr Alward:

I listened to your interview with Terry Seguin on CBC this morning. You made several points during the interview, on which I would like to comment. I could not help but draw on similarities to the way retirees have been treated by your government.

1. You bemoaned / complained the fact that the feds hadn't consulted……REALLY? My goodness, that sounds familiar. I guess it's OK to not consult with retirees, yet you expect the feds to consult with the provinces

2. You said that you have a job to advocate for New Brunswickers…..REALLY? I guess we, the retirees, are not worthy of your advocacy

3. You indicated that the feds did no pre-work…..REALLY? How much pre-work was done with the retirees before we were told that this move to an SRP was going ahead?

4. You called on the feds to "do the right thing"…..REALLY? You should do the same thing. Do the morally and ethically right thing….treat the retirees with respect and leave our pensions alone!!

PLEASE reply to my concerns.

Mr. Kim Hill - still a disappointed retiree!!