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CBC News - 'There will be war' over pension changes, retirees warn'

Angry civil service pensioners in Moncton tell finance minister reforms are 'illegal'

 NB Pension Meeting Moncton Retirees


CHRIS MORRIS    Telegraph Journal - FREDERICTON  09 APR 2013

(Please note the Coalition posted a story with almost the exact opposite title ... ... please check it out after reading this!)

A member of New Brunswick’s pension task force says the provincial government is moving ahead with pension reform at just the right time to take advantage of lessons learned in other jurisdictions.

Paul McCrossan, an Ontario actuary and former Tory member of Parliament, said New Brunswick retirees shouldn’t be concerned about problems in the Dutch pension system, which was used as a model for reforms in this province.

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Premier Alward interview comment April 9 2013 on CKLE Bathurst

Premier Alward made this comment during an interview en français April 9 2013 on CKLE Bathurst on Shared Risk Pension Model.

To hear the interview comment CLICK HERE / CLIQUEZ ICI . (Some of you will be asked if you wish to save the file, click yes. Then you will be asked if you wish to Open the file, click yes. Windows Media player (usually) opens. The audio clip is less than 20 seconds long.)

"Collaboration et consultation - vraiment M. Alward ? Votre dictionnaire fait fausse interpretation des faits " - comment from a retiree.