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Links of Interest

(note: we will do our best to post links which give you access and background to this topic)

Here is the link to ARIA website. The owner of ARIA- John Devine - agreed that we could do this. There are excellent articles on DB and other Pension issues ...

A facebook group for the retirees of the Province of New Brunswick has been created. If you are a facebook user, please search Province of New Brunswick - Retired Employees. You will need to Join this group, as it is a closed group (meaning the administrators of the group have to approve your joining).

Here is the link, but it may not work for some of you (if you are not already on facebook) :!/groups/PNBpensioners/

Here is the link to the Pension Benefits Act and the Regulations. Part 2 of the Act deals with Shared Risk Pensions. 

Aug. 9, 2013: National Pension Reform Summit Final Report - The final report containing issues, directions and recommended actions from the National Summit on Pension Reform held in Fredericton, NB, Feb. 19-20, 2013.

The New Brunswick Union (N. B. Union) has a section on their website dedicated to penion issues ...  and look to the left as you scroll down to find "Talking About Pensions"

Within "Talking About Pensions" is the power point (posted here as a pdf) of the pension reform model titled, "Shared Risk Pensions: A New Model for New Brunswick". Here is the link to that information:

On May 31, 2012, the government announced the new pension model. Here is the story:

Here is the link to the website on the new pension model:

As well, if you wish to do additional research on media coverage, please go to and enter "Pension Reform" in the search function, which will provide you with several news stories and perspectives.

A quick search on L'Acadie Nouvelles website can be done here: