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Retiree Pensions - John McCabe

Hi again Phyllis,

I was reading an article recently in the magazine "Good Times" - "Canada's Magazine For Successful Retirement", titled "Your Rights", July/August 2012. It is written by a contributor Olev Edur. I don't know his background or qualifications, but he writes with conviction and seeming knowledge of the subject.

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Blessings – Judy Ross


I thank those who have worked/continue to work diligently for the cause of retired teachers and other retirees who have upheld their obligations while working for 35+ years. Thank you. Much appreciated…..Blessings – Judy Ross

Way to go, Coalition - Tony Easterbrook

Hi Phyllis,

Just returned from our trip, and read the coalition's May 26th mailout.   Let me just say how pleased and proud I am of the coalition's efforts and impressive progress, as outlined in yesterday's great update.   Thanks so much to the coalition for their continuing tireless and dedicated work on behalf of us all.

Best regards,