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Use of a Judicial Review of the government's decision re: pensions

Dear Clifford,

Thank you and your partners for the informative meeting held in bathurst this week. At the meeting I suggested the use of a Judicial Review of the government's decision re pensions and was informed that it is the same as the coalition's mention of reference to the courts.

I mentioned a past case law decision by Mr Justice H H McLellan in favor of Parents for French. This decision can be found in CAN LII as Small and Ryan vs New Brunswick ( Minister of Education). The decision was rendered on June 11, 2008. In reviewing this decision on CAN LII today I believe it is appropiate case law for the predicament of pensioners, particularily in regard to procedural fairness and the rules of Natural Justice which was the basis of Justice McLellan decision. No doubt others have brought this case and others to the attention of the Coalition leaders. Once again thank you and continued success.
Paul Shannon