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History of Trust Fund #4 (PSSA) And Trust Fund #7 (TPA)

These two Trust Funds contained in the Public Accounts of the Province are actually Pension Trust Funds.  They are the Funds where both employee and employer pension contributions are made too where they are invested by the NBIMC.

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Use of a Judicial Review of the government's decision re: pensions

Dear Clifford,

Thank you and your partners for the informative meeting held in bathurst this week. At the meeting I suggested the use of a Judicial Review of the government's decision re pensions and was informed that it is the same as the coalition's mention of reference to the courts.

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24 demandes au total envoyées au premier ministre Alward, aux ministres Higgs, Blais, Lifford et au Conseil exécutif - le 18 mars 2013 de la part de Bill Ayer.

Demandes sous la Loi sur le droit à l’information et la protection de la vie privée pour :

Toute information, correspondance, courriels, rapports, analyses, études, notes d’information et notes de réunions (écrites ou dactylographiées), peu importe la source, que ce soit par les fonctionnaires, les consultants et les politiciens, en version papier ou électronique, concernant :

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24 in total sent to Premier Alward, Ministers Higgs, Blais, Lifford and Executive Council – March 18, 2013 from Bill Ayer.

Requests, under the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act for:

all information, correspondence, emails, reports, analyses, studies, briefing notes and meeting notes (typed or hand written), however generated including by civil servants, consultants and politicians, however stored, whether paper or electronic on:

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PBA changes have already been made ...

(Note: this important explanation is from an email conversation)

Susan, you are right on, the PBA changes have already been made, presumably to allow the changes to the the CBE Hospital Plan and CUPE Hospital Plan announced at the press conference last May.  Along with changes to the MLA's and Ministers' plans, Plumbers and Pipe-fitters and subsequently City of Saint John and City of Fredericton.  The plan was first amended in August, I believe and then Ron Pink was doing some work for UNB Faculty plan and pointed out some deficiencies which lead to Bill 20 in December. 

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