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March 13, 2014 ORAL QUESTIONS 33 QUESTIONS ORALES le 13 mars 2014

Industrie forestière

M. Gallant : Comme nous l’avons déjà dit, nous sommes très fiers que la stratégie de gestion des forêts soit finalement dévoilée. Le vice-premier ministre a indiqué hier que d’autres détails sont à venir, et nous avons hâte de les voir. Toutefois, compte tenu du fait que l’industrie forestière avait un plan de 2007 à 2012 et que depuis 2012, elle attend d’en avoir un autre, il faut demander au gouvernement Alward pourquoi il y a eu un délai de deux ans et demi. Évidemment, l’industrie forestière est très importante pour notre province et pour notre économie, alors nous nous demandons si le premier ministre peut nous expliquer aujourd’hui pourquoi nous n’avons cette stratégie que maintenant, en 2014.

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March 11, 2014 ORAL QUESTIONS 31 QUESTIONS ORALES le 11 mars 2014

Government Policy and Procedure

Mr. Gallant : My question is to the Premier. Is it common practice for ministers under the Alward government to be briefed on enforcement proceedings for violations of provincial statutes? Also, under the Alward government, is it common practice for a minister to be briefed even before the proceedings start?

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February 21, 2014 ORAL QUESTIONS 30 QUESTIONS ORALES le 21 février 2014


Mr. Melanson: The Premier made a commitment that he would make public the audited financial statements of the province 60 days before an election. The Auditor General, who does a lot of valuable work in her office, made a recommendation in her last report to the government that, in order to respect that time frame and make those documents available by July, the review process within the Office of the Comptroller and the Department of Finance evolve and adapt to the new time frame.

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February 20, 2014 ORAL QUESTIONS 29 QUESTIONS ORALES le 20 février 2014

New Brunswick Drug Plan

Mr. Arseneault: Over the last several weeks, we have had the opportunity to ask questions for many hours with regard to the new drug plan introduced by the Minister of Health. There are many parts with which we agree, but there are also many parts of the plan with which we have concerns, which is why we have raised it on many occasions. One of the areas with which we have a major concern is how irresponsible it was for the Alward government to put Phase 2 at a $150-million cost without having a breakdown of how that cost is going to work out, other than making it mandatory for every individual in the province to adhere to the program.

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February 19, 2014 ORAL QUESTIONS 28 QUESTIONS ORALES le 19 février 2014

Efficiency NB

Mr. Gallant: I would like to talk today about the Efficiency NB residential rebate program. This is a program that has seen 30 000 houses be revamped and become more energy efficient. That is approximately 10% of the homes and houses in New Brunswick. The people who have actually accessed this program had savings averaging approximately $1 000 per year.

This is also something that creates jobs. We have people working in trades, ensuring that they do the upgrades. On top of that, studies have shown that $1 invested in these types of programs can give $2 in spin-offs with regard to the economy. Also, of course, we cannot neglect what it does for our environment, making sure that we are more energy efficient.

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