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After 9 years of hard work, in order to defend the interests of retirees from the Public Service of
N.-B. who have been subject to the illegal conversion of their Defined Benefit Pension Plan,
Pension Coalition NB “the Coalition "unfortunately must now close the case.

Despite our efforts to support 2 (two) legal cases over the past 9 (nine) years, namely the
Kennedy case and more recently the Lévesque case, we have faced three formidable legal
teams funded by your taxes, as well as by your pension fund which is now managed by
VESTCOR, a company which was privatized in order to avoid any verification and transparency,
despite the management of 100% public funds.

The Coalition is proud to have been able to expose the Government for being guilty of violating
your rights and infringing on your access to a judicial system, both supposedly dedicated to
enhancing the public interest.

Due to our decision to end our efforts, the Coalition will close shop at the end of April 2022. We

would like to remind you that your contribution to our legal fund is fully tax deductible.
With the recent Court decision by Chief Justice Mme Tracey DeWare, against the Lévesque
case, the Coalition has decided to cover all outstanding legal costs for the Kennedy et al and
Lévesque cases. Then, the remaining funds in the operating account (legal account is empty)
will be used to pay the remaining operating expenses (mail box, telephone, website) and the
balance will be sent to CUPE-NB, as they have assisted in funding the Lévesque case for the
last few years. The Coalition's Summary of the Financial Statements for the period 2013-2022
will be sent to all our members and will be posted on our website
and Facebook page for transparency purposes.

Finally, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support over
all these years. You allowed us to expose this Government and the various union
representatives who signed a memorandum of understanding breaking our Defined Benefit
Pension Plan. They were subsequently appointed as trustees with immunity under the new law
governing the Shared Risk Pension Scheme. Quite a story, isn’t it? The United States faced the
“Watergate“ scandal. Hopefully, we will see the day when the “PensionGate” scandal will be

Please let’s stay in touch via our Facebook page “Retired Employees of New Brunswick”,
which will remain functional indefinitely and will be administered by Don Madore. Our website is
functional for the time being and will soon be discontinued.

Pension Coalition NB