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Questions for MLAs

Listed are a few questions you might like to ask your MLA:

  1. A deal is a deal. When I signed on for the public service, I did so with a desire to serve the public, knowing that government had promised a reasonable salary and an indexed pension when I retired. Why is this government breaking the deal it had with its employees?
  2. I contributed to the plan every two weeks. So my pension is actually deferred earnings. How can government now take this money away from me?
  3. I know that NB faces financial challenges but should retirees - who have loyally served the Province - be penalized?
  4. No data or information has been given out that persuades me this new plan is a good idea. Government has decided unilaterally that it is moving to a shared risk pension plan, without any proper data, information, facts or consultation with affected pensioners throughout the entire province. Why has no data been provided? Why isn't the government being open with us?
  5. We believe the government made the right decision when it became the guarantor of the pension plan. Why step away from the plan and hand it over to some unknown "Board of Trustees"?
  6. If this plan is so good, why does government need to enact a law that says no one can sue the government over this issue?
  7. Do you know what "shared risk" really means? At first I thought it meant government shares the risk with retirees. But no - I now learn it means current retirees share the risk with future retirees. No risk for government here!!
  8. Why has government withheld such key information, data, facts, actuarial assumptions from all retirees on "Our Pension" - Not Yours?