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Letter to Minister Higgs from C. LeBlanc

Dear Mr. Higgs,

I have read over your letter addressed to me by you dated October 2013 and mailed out October 31, 2013 and received by me on November 7, 2013.

Your letter is not and was not a condition of my retirement 11 (eleven) years ago at which time I legally met all conditions required by me as a retiree, therefore your letter does not apply to me nor to my pension plan. 

I have not been an employee of the Province of New Brunswick during the last 11 (eleven) years and my pension is not open and is illegible for negotiations therefore all conditions upon my acceptance of the pension must be met until my death.

Therefore if you sir believe that the then Premier of the Province being Bernard Lord at the time of my retirement did wrongfully and illegally granted me my retirement package with the benefits to which I have been legally entitled to and approved by him (the then Premier Bernard Lord) I suggest you take him to court to prove him to be illegal in granting me that said pension.

Furthermore I ask you Minister Higgs and the present Premier (David Alward) of the Province of New Brunswick to cease harassing and bullying me on this issue, and cease using and belittling me and my pension via the media for political gains.

Yours truly, Claude LeBlanc, A retiree and senior citizen of the Province of New Brunswick